Rejuvenating aesthetic treatments


10:00~20:00 / 03-5394-5454
We will be using a hotel near Otsuka Station.
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Basic fee
  80min 20,000yen
120min 30,000yen
Option fee
Rejuvenating aesthetic treatments by married women   Married women's fingertips
Please enjoy attentive service and heart-felt conversation with a Japanese therapist.

・Reception time 10:00-20:00
・Enrollment fee : 1,000yen (Currently offering free services)
・Nomination fee : 1,000yen (Currently offering free services)
・Totally naked married women : 2,000yen (Currently offering free services)

Free optional courses
<Mixed-sex bathing rejuvenation course>
The therapist will wash every corner of your entire body, and together you'll soak in a bathtub full of warm water and devote yourselves to making out. Once your bodies are warm and relaxed enough, you'll move to the bed and have the wonderful, attentive rejuvenation service.

<Pubic mound erection rejuvenation by married women with shaved pubic hair>
Your body is relaxed with an oil massage, and once the rejuvenating medical treatment starts to work, the shaved pubic hair rejuvenation begins!
・Finish on the bare inner thighs with shaved pubic hair
・Finish facesitting with shaved pubic hair
・Finish while appreciating shaved pubic hair
*You can choose from the options listed above.
*There are several married women with shaved pubic hair who will be to the master's liking. Please don't hesitate to inquire.

<Testicle and anal rejuvenation>
When lymph fluid stagnates in the lower body due to the likes of excessive stress at work, long hours of desk work, and working on your feet, it negatively effects male functions too.
With testicle and anal rejuvenation, firstly the acupuncture points which enhance sexual stamina on and surrounding the testicles are massaged while increasing the stagnant lymph and blood flow.
Once you're relaxed, the perineum and the anus, which is known as the second erogenous zone, are carefully teased and slowly stimulated, aiming for even further recovery of the male functions.

<When you feel tired, we recommend rejuvenating aesthetic treatments by married women!>
Your lower body, which has accumulated various mental and physical fatigue, needs spiritual relaxation and gentle, comfortable stimulation which soothes your genitals.

In addition to a heart-felt oil massage, there are many secret techniques distinctive to married women which have a firm grasp on the areas of men's sexual desire.

We hope you will enjoy the feeling of refreshment and climax from teasing and being teased, and ejaculating at the utmost limits of your sexual desire.